Update from Saturday 30th May. By Matt Cambourne.

The final week before the Mixed Traffic Weekend and we were busy getting locos fully up to
speed for the event.

On D832 Neil and John were busy wiring in new diodes to help rectify the position with the
start contactor circuit.  They have not always been coming in immediately as required, so this
work was undertaken. Following that the loco was started up and moved in the yard to ensure
it was in good shape for the gala.

D1661 also received a check over and run up ready for next weekend. It will be handling a
"mega train" on Friday as part of the event.

D6575. Your author and Ian proceeded to Minehead to give the loco a check over and run up
prior to the gala.

D7017 was out working on the Gold timetable with Graham and Darren in charge.

D9518. The pictures below show the loco now completely stripped down to the level frame, in
the goods shed. The cab has been completely removed. This has exposed some metal work
to be repaired as part of the overhaul.

D7018. Work continues to progress well with the piping up on the loco. A water pressure test
was undertaken last weekend. Electrically, Matt found where a wire went that we'd had to
remove at the start of our testing due to tripping the Control Circuit Breaker. It was found to
be a defective switch on the exhauster speed up circuit which has now been rectified.
The roof panels are now very tidy and almost ready to go on the loco.

D1010. The piping of the replacement engine is going well, the loco will be available for
visitors to go in the cab during the gala.

Photos below showing D9518,  D7017 and D832.