Update from Sat 3rd Jan. By Matt Cambourne.

We started the year off well with a good first proper working day on the 3rd January.

On D7018 Bob has been busy getting the oil system up together and a pressure test was undertaking
using the oil pump. Matt spent some time on the warning light system for the locomotive discovering a
missing resistor in the process.
The pipe work is continuing at a rapid pace with Graham painting various pipes ready for fitting to the

D1010, work continued with John rewiring the engine control system for the new engine. It is planned
to install the replacement engine over our work week in March. Some welding repairs are also required.

D9518, the loco is now pretty much stripped down ready for overhaul. Cameron, Dave and Simon were
all busy on various parts of the loco.

D9526, Terry was busy working on the replacement engine for the loco.

D6575, the loco is currently at Williton and Ian is performing various jobs over the winter.

Anti freeze levels/concentrations in the locos were checked as we prepare for the inevitable freeze at
some point in the coming months!

Meanwhile we also held one of our annual council meetings.