Update 4th May. By Ian Robins and Matt Cambourne.

The Bank Holiday weekend saw various members work on Sunday as well as the usual Saturday
working day.

Ian was busy on D6575 on a minor fault that has occurred with the power system.
Graham, Paul, Darren and Mike spent some time today getting the crane positioned over D1010 to
remove an exhauster- one of those put in the loco has burst an oil seal, the perils of storing items for
many years! It is hoped a fairly quick changeover can be perfected.

Matt was busy installing a replacement fire detector holder on D7018, trying to sort out a working
voltmeter for the loco and removing two broken air pressure gauges for repair/calibration by a Bristol
company in the next couple of weeks.   

Jon was busy installing a satellite dish today as the TV enters the hi tech age!
One of our younger members, Thomas, was busy giving the locomotives a good clean today ably
assisted by Leroy.

Last weeks report is attached below from Ian.

D1010 – The installation of the replacement exhausters and compressor has been completed and so
testing was undertaken. Everything ran well until exhauster speed up was selected and the circuit
breaker went bang!  A wiring change will now be performed to temporarily by-pass the circuit breaker
pending installation of fuses for protection.

D6566 – On Sunday Andy P started scraping the thick accumulation of muck from the fuel tank.

D6575 -  The loco was used to do some shunting on Saturday and was due to go out with D1010 on a
test run in the afternoon but the electrical problem with the Western meant this had to be postponed.
On Sunday, the second of the lockers was fitted, this time in No.1 cab, thus completing the installation.
Brad gave the surround of the new ammeter (ex 33 022) in No.2 cab a coat of black paint as well as
freshening up the other gauges.
Photos below from Ian, including an incoming charter train along the line.