Update from Work Week/Early November 2014.
By Matt Cambourne, Terry Deacon, Ian Robins and Dave Hammond.


A momentus step forward has occurred on D7018. On Monday 27th October the engine and cooler
group were lifted into the locomotive, taking the overhaul one significant step forward closer to
The lift took just about 45 minutes to complete early in the morning and was completed by 09:30
allowing the team time to bolt the engine down and start connecting up the various pipe work and
other connections. The engine now sits on 1 road inside the shed.
We hope to bring you some photos as soon as possible from the lift.


The loco has been moved inside the shed onto number 2 road to enable work to be carried out on
the body work. A problem with one of the locomotives engines has been discovered which will
result in an engine change being required over the winter period.


Terry writes, that the replacement engine was hot pressure washed and dried with the Paxman 6YJ
block receiving it's first coat of paint as pictured below. A new crankshaft seal and lock nuts have
been fitted to the front engine casing.


Dave reports that good progress continues on the loco in preparation for the cab lift off.  
Cab window removed by Dave and Roy. Three more to go! Roy continued painting of various pipes
off-loco . The Handbrake chain cover was removed. More Control cubicle wiring was disconnected.

Simon removed the Handbrake chain. He also located and removed the final two Control cubicle
hold-down bolts from their hiding place beneath the wiring looms. When the wiring is all
disconnected, the Control cubicle will be ready to lift out through the now open top of the Cab.

General progress- The team is getting ever closer to the lift –off:  the Control cubicle, the Cab the
Brake frame and the side Fuel tanks that are already jacked up ready to go! Any remaining undo-
able bolts will be gas cut. We are looking forward to lift-off so we can start refurbishment off-loco
and get the new paint on to it, that care-worn appearance has to go!


Ian reports, the loco was booked to be taken to Cranmore Traincare and Maintenance Services
(CTMS) at the East Somerset Railway by Allelys low loader on Tuesday 4th November for a full
bodywork overhaul and repaint.
In preparation for this, Cameron made some cardboard covers for the cylinder liners during Work
Week and also cleared out items from inside the loco including the cab lockers and moved it all into
one of the cabs for my perusal on Saturday.  Amazing the amount of stuff that had accumulated
inside the lockers, they must be a bit like a Tardis!
I have stored or disposed of the items as applicable.
The cab seats have also been removed for refurbishment whilst the loco is away.
On Saturday I used some hot water with strong detergent and cleaned/flushed the engine block
and various oil trap areas as far as was practical.
I also got a further coat of aluminium paint onto the area of the sump repair.
A quantity of metal sections including new gutters were loaded into the loco for use by CTMS as
required, a double quantity of these items was made when D6575 was similarly treated four years

On Sunday I cleared any remaining items that were not required to go to Cranmore out of the loco
and then fitted all the head nuts finger tight to protect the threads and make sure they do not get
Some nuts were a bit to tight so had to clean the threads with a 7/8 BSP die-nut or plug tap as
Bought both of those on Ebay and are a good investment!
Following that I put a tarpaulin over the top of the engine and tied it around the block with a rope.
With that and the cardboard covers, hopefully any debris will be kept out of the engine.
All the oil and fuel pipe openings in the engine room as well as the push rod tubes have been
plugged with a piece of tissue.

So that’s basically all that could be done before it leaves!

Top two pictures from Dave showing progress on D9518.
Below pictures from work on D9526's new engine