Work Report from Saturday 29th November. By Dave Hammond and Ian Robins

Dave reports some good progress on D9518, with component removal in the cab ongoing.

Kick boards, peg board and insulation now all removed. The Rectifier was removed and tested OK,
that's because the Diode that prevents feedback to the Battery tested at 1/2 a volt. Apparently that is
good. So now the cab is back to the basic frame.
The screws retaining the (three) front and back windows came out with the air screwdriver (knocker)
except two screws that will have to be drilled out. The wipers are mostly off. It is only them and the
sealant now holding the windows in. But the inside wood trim also has yet to go first.
The side window double holes with screws are not good, and did not undo with the knocker, so I shall
probably drill out next time if the soak in penetrating oil doesn't work!
Gave cab a thorough vacuum clean. Looking better now.
The tops to the trunking will need to come off to allow the wires and cables to be pulled back from the
cab floor and then the desk has to be disconnected before we can lift the cab.

D6566 is getting on well at Cranmore. The latest photos are attached below from Ian.