Update from the 8th November. By Terry Deacon and Leroy.

Leroy, Cameron and Darren have been busy working on D1010, doing some of the more routine jobs
whilst it is laid up in preparation for the engine lift out.
Various tasks being pictured below, the air filter intake grilles, well one to start with the others soon to
follow, finally being opened after being seized for a long time.
The air filter boxes have been taken out so that they can be repaired. The grill access panel on 'a' end
has been welded up and freed but is still causing problems and there are just a few more things to
remove of the engine before we can remove it completely and change for the spare we have available.

Terry has sent in several pictures as well.
Having done a dimension check ,the turbo support bracket is lifted for a trial fit onto the Paxman 6YJ
engine block being built up for D9526.
Neil and Martin are pictured proudly presenting a newly fabricated pre-heater exhaust panel for the