Work Report from Saturday 6th December. By Jon Tooke and Matt Cambourne.

On shed various good progress was made and we had our annual Christmas Dinner at the Masons Arms which
was well attended.

D1661. Unfortunately a defective component on the fuel injection side has been identified which has resulted in
fuel entering into the lubrication system and diluting the oil. The now needs repair and  full oil change which will
cost some considerable money to undertake. Ian and Neil were busy identifying the problem on Saturday
(pictured in the darkened engine room!) and efforts will be made to remove the faulty component next weekend.

D7018 continues to come together well. Parts and pipes are being added every week and the locomotive is
quickly looking and feeling more complete. Dave is pictured below busy painting pipes.

Terry and Simon continued on the engine re-build today for D9526. Inside the shed Dave is busy progressing
the strip down with the frames looking bearer by the week.

D1010 on Thursday this week, the defective engine will be lifted out with the spare engine fitted.