Update from Saturday 10th January by Ian Robins.

D1010 – Mark has been busy cutting out the badly corroded areas below the middle engine room
window in preparation for the welding repairs.

D1661- The fuel injectors have been taken to Arlington Fleet at Eastleigh Works for overhaul.

D6566 – The loco owner and me paid a visit to CTMS on Sunday for a progress meeting.  Work
continues apace and new skin has been applied to the accident damaged corner of No.2 cab that had
to be completely cut away.

D6575 – Routine winter maintenance continues in between usage by WSR Plc.  The coarse fuel
strainer bowl was removed for cleaning and both fine fuel filter elements were changed.  The self
cleaning oil strainer was flushed by removing the plug at the bottom of the bowl thus allowing a small
amount of oil to escape carrying away any accumulated debris.
An engine oil sample was taken a week previously and sent away for analysis.  The results indicate
that all is currently well and the oil is fit for further use. Both battery boxes were pulled out on their
rollers and the cell electrolyte levels were topped up with distilled water as required.

D7018 – John Cooke and Neil installed wiring to the Engine Run Valve and Engine Speed Tacho
whilst Bob attended to the Fuel Lift Pump pipework.

D9518 – Much noise emanating from the Goods Shed meant that the team were busy needle gunning
areas of the structure down to bare metal.