Update 10th April.
By Matt Cambourne with photos by Tony Tyson Banks and David Lewis.

One of our two annual work weeks started last Saturday with many of the active volunteers
putting in extra days over the following days.

Work has continued to be progressed on the site and the locos as the June diesel gala looms
ever closer.

Some Guard training runs have also taken place this week using the Class 47 and freight train
pictured below on Tuesday by secondman Tony Tyson Banks.

On Saturday 5th April, the Diesel Traction Group were busy working on Warship D821 inside
the main shed including the engine and body work being undertaken.

The Class 14 team were progressing the re-paint on D9526 in the goods shed.

On D7018 Mark was progressing the repairs to the cooler group with some more welding
being required to finish it off.
Matt cured the last known electrical issue following re-commisioning. The Fire Circuit bells
were continuously ringing. After a couple of hours fault finding the issue, a perished section of
wire in the B end bulkhead was identified.

Finally we couldn't resist showing some photos from David Lewis showing a model of a Hymek
he has constructed. Congratulations to David on what is a very impressive model!