D7018 has burst back into life, Friday 9th October 2015.

We are delighted to report that our long term overhaul project D7018 has burst back into life with a
successful engine start on Friday 9/10 at around 12:15 followed by more runs over the weekend.
So far no major issues have been discovered, which is testament to the hard work that has taken place
over many years to overhaul the locomotive, by many people.

The Engine Run Solenoid didn't hold in initially, unfortunately there was a problem with the engine
overspeed device. Several other minor issues also showed themselves, but nothing that can't be
resolved. Gradual testing on the various systems can now take place to ensure everything functions
as it should.

D7018 was stopped from traffic back in August 1995 following a catastrophic engine failure whilst
working a Quantock Belle Dining Train. Due to funds and volunteer resource the overhaul has been
gradual and has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years as other locos have become more

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More news from the shed from Ian:-

D6566 - I gave the control cubicle a good clean on Saturday, getting rid of all the residue left from the
bodywork repairs.
But stopped short of polishing the copper busbars with Brasso!
All the relays were manually checked for operation and cleaned the tips of the Starting, Traction Motor,
Reverser and Field Divert contactor groups.
I spotted a broken stud on one of the Traction Motor isolation interlocks that will need to be repaired.

D832 – John Cooke is continuing his investigation of an electrical fault affecting the starting circuits at
one end. It is possible that a partial re-wire of the circuit may have to be undertaken.

D1010 – Gordon and Leroy assisted by Dave H continued with the repairs to the leaking brake
cylinders on one of the bogies. Some stubborn pins and bolts that had not moved for many years had
to be tackled in the process.