Update from 11th January.  By Matt Cambourne and Ian Robins.

Happy New Year to all our readers.

Apologies for the belated update this week.

Work continues to prepare the cooler group ready for installation. Paul Tucker is pictured fitting
elements to the group outside following more welding work. It is hoped the cooler group can be
installed sometime in the next month or so.

Inside the locomotive Matt fitted a spare fuel pump motor following discovery of a defect with the
one already in the loco when testing. The defective one will shortly be sent away for repairs. Other
minor work progresses inside the loco.

The team have done a significant amount of work in stripping the locomotive back to bare frames
to allow the overhaul to commence. Most of the major components have now been stripped off
ready for attention.

D6566 -
A quantity of spare cylinder heads and pistons have been palleted up and sent away to a
company in Derbyshire for contract overhaul.
It is hoped that this will speed the engine overhaul along and the components from the engine will
be similarly dealt with once removed.

D6575 -
Due to continuing issues with the work being done on the windscreen surrounds, I made the
decision to sort out the situation in No.1 cab myself and have now got that cab up to an
acceptable standard.

It is still hoped that No.2 cab will be completed under contract and an examination is planned for
this coming Thursday.

Main Shed-
Inside the shed work has progressed well on the mezzanine floor with the electrics being installed
by our resident electrician Neil. This will provide much needed workshop space on the ground floor.