Update 1st February. By Matt Cambourne.

Another good weekend on shed.

Dave, Darren and Cameron were busy working on D9518 which is currently undergoing strip down.

Inside the shed Neil and John were busy repairing several exhausters to make them fit for possible future

Bob continues to progress the MD870 engine intended for D7018 and this is coming on well.

Work on the mezzanine floor is well progressed now with much of the cladding completed.

Work on D7018 continued today with a new combined pre-heater switch installed. Electrical testing is now
largely complete for now on the loco with just one notable fault to rectify on the Fire Alarm Circuit. The
cooler group, despite a lot of hard work from the team, has unfortunately still got a minor leak which will
need attending to prior to it being installed.

Finally, the dates for the 2014 Driver experience courses are now online, have a look at:-
for more information.  

An update from last weekend with some photos has been provided thanks to Ian and Terry.

D7017 - The loco was started and Bob C performed some engine checks.  John Cook and Neil are looking
into repairs and modifications to the exhauster circuits.

D6575 - Work on the window surrounds in No.2 cab has now been completed by the contractors.
Unfortunately one of the pipes to the wiper motor on the secondmans side must have been crushed as no
air would come out of it!
But luckily I managed to run in a new length of pipe without too much difficulty.
With air in the loco, I decided to have a look at the horn that has been giving trouble, the high note horn at
No.1 end. With a long ladder I managed to reach the horn box and removed the cover plate.
Following advice, I gave the trumpet a quarter of a turn one way, that made things worse!
So turned it back the other way by a quarter of a turn past it's start point. Perfect, so have left it there! Tony
T-B is restoring the Sun Visors ready for re-fitting.

D6566 - Ably assisted by Leroy, all of the remaining rocker assemblies as well as all the fuel injectors and
associated pipework have been removed.

These items have been stored in the container and someone will have a good job cleaning them all up!
Spare MD650 Engine - Refurbishment continues and Leroy has painted one of the cam boxes.

Class 14 Paxman Engine - Simon and Terry continue stripping down the engine.  
Activities this weekend included removal of the injectors from the cylinder heads. See pictures below for

Neil is testing a couple of Northey Vacuum Exhausters brought from the ELR last weekend.

And of course work continues on the mezzanine floor.