Shed Report- 9th and 10th August.
By Ian Robins, with photos by Ian, Tom and Dave Hammond.

D7017 – Unfortunately a pre-heating issue meant that the loco was unable to work it’s booked turn on
Friday 8th August and was therefore replaced at short notice by “cold start” D6575.

Apologies for any disappointment this may have caused.

But the fault, which was caused by a sticking valve, was cleared by a whack from a hammer in the
appropriate place and the loco was then fit to perform the turn on Saturday without further incident!

D832 – This loco worked the Quantock Belle dining train on Sunday which included the WSRA owned
former Taunton Area Inspection Saloon in the formation.

A few “cranks” were noted amongst the diners!

A major shunt of the yard was performed on Saturday with the result that D6566 is now inside the
shed on No.2 road and D1010 has been positioned under the 10 ton crane on No.3 road.

But whilst this was going on, Dave H was busy on D9518 in the Goods Shed and has now finished
refurbishing the cooler group and removing the old cab flooring- Update from Dave:-

Refurbishment of the Framework and shutter assemblies is complete. The hydraulic fluid tank and fan
drive motor are installed ready to test. The fan is ready to install when testing is completed. All
fasteners are new BSW as per original. Unit is now parked ready to install and test for water tightness.

Photos below showing the work on cooler group for D9518, D832 on the dining train special and
no apologies for a couple more shots of D7017 on the GWR at their gala a couple of weeks
back. Below that a few shots of D7017 on Saturdays diesel diagram.