Update from Saturday 9th April. By Jon Tooke, Dave Hammond and Matt Cambourne.

On Saturday 9th April we hosted the annual team building day for Great Western Railway/South West Trains
train planning departments. D1661 and D9526 were the locos used this year to top and tail a special train
between Bishops Lydeard and Norton.

The engine for D9526 is well progressed well, now with a water test being undertaken as pictured below. The
engine has been connected up to a temporary pre-heater arrangement. By passing heated coolant through the
engine block it should reveal any leaks more easily whilst they can relatively easily be attended to.

D6575 also suffered an electrical problem
, which was fixed at Bishops Lydeard as Jon Tooke writes:-

Unfortunately the class 33 33057 was declared a failure during the week with
an electrical fault to the triple
A team of Ian , Dave and JT were dispatched from the WN base by road to diagnose further and repair
the fault.
The fault was apparent once the covers had been removed from the triple pump
junction box. One of the cables had become too warm due to a bad terminal
crimp (possibly years ago by BR?)
and had broken.
 The bad section of cable was cut out and a new termination was made and then the cables
were reconnected.
A test start-up was performed and all proved satisfactory so we left it running for a while to
make sure there were no other similar problems.
(in the attached pictures the cable can be seen with the
insulation melted
away, and Dave and Ian are seen working in cramped conditions around the
junction box, plus the triple pump running under test conditions with the
covers removed)
The Class 14 and 47 are pictured on the special train workings.

Meanwhile back on shed, there was progress on D9518 as
Dave Hammond writes:-

Gloss paint was applied to a collection of air and vacuum valves and associated pipe assemblies that were
prepared earlier and put into undercoat. Also glossed was the securing bracket for the air reservoir that was
recently supplied painted by Simon. More gloss coats were also applied to the drawbar for "B" end.

The above mentioned items will be checked and if painted up to a final standard will be put into store ready for
reassembly to the loco frames.
Cameron, was available later and cleaned and prepared the "B" end buffer beam and finished off by applying
red oxide primer.  Dave H meanwhile continued with the cleaning and preparation of the outrigger trays that
form part the supporting structure in the area outside the frames and behind the buffer beam.

We expect to complete the finish painting of "B" end area fairly soon and providing a photo on completion.
To finish up the day, minor attention was given to freeing up the "A" end door closing handles and were closed
ready for our next visit to that area of the restoration.

Unfortunately D7017 suffered a failed Hydrostatic hose which will be repaired.