Update from Saturday 13th August. By Martin Howard, Terry Deacon and Graham Perry.

Some excellent news to report this week on D7018 and D1010.

The major news is that D1010 had another successful day yesterday (13th August), working a full
diagram by herself with no faults or failures which is excellent news. The second major item is that
after final adjustments were made to the reverser solenoids, D7018 spent a couple of hours in the
afternoon just running backwards and forwards on 3 Road. Control was fully effective from both ends
and, each time the loco was stopped at the limit of movement, the reverser was operated several
times. Each and every time the command to change direction was given, the reverser operated
correctly; not a single error in changing direction. The movements took place in some gorgeous
sunshine and one run was recorded for posterity by Thomas Courtney. You can see a short film clip
on YouTube by copy and pasting the below into your browser:

There was a sizeable crowd on the Minehead end of the Down platform for quite a while! Hymek
D7018's movements also entertained the incoming charter train from Paddington as well as D1010's
passengers during the loco run-round at Williton.
Hymek D7017 has passed an Ultrasonic Axle Test with flying colours and received some attention in
readiness for the Late Summer Weekend and her forthcoming excursion to the Mid Norfolk Railway
shortly afterwards. As part of the prep for the MNR trip, she is now booked to take the DMU diagram
on Saturday 27th August in place of D6575. Apologies to any Crompton fans who may have been
planning to visit us on that date. We will try to get D6575 out on the DMU diagram again on a later

Terry has sent the first four photos below which show.
>Hymek no's 7018 and 7017 outside the shed. Whilst outside the shed 7018 was run to full engine
power,also a  test of the transmission in both forward and reverse drive was carried out successfully.  
>Hymek 7018 with Western 1010 ( running around at Williton whilst on the Yellow Timetable duties) .
1010 provided a successful service all day - great effort by the Western Team,Gordon,Leroy,John,Neil.
>7018 inside view the Maybach engine.
>7018 inside view of exhausters , preheater and relative pipe work.

Graham has sent two pictures below that of D7018's bodywork and alongside D7017.

Martin has also included a couple of pics of the sister locos together

There is a vacancy at the WSR's Minehead workshops for anyone that might be interested. Please
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