Update 18th Jan by Ian Robins.

Various spares have been sourced for use on D7018, so these now occupy much of shed awaiting
sorting. It is hoped within these spares will be useful pipework and other pieces to finish the overhaul of
the locomotive off.
Other spares for Warship and other locos have been sourced.

The mezzanine floor in the shed is also progressing well as pictured below.

With help from Brad and John Cooke, the Triple Pump has been removed and stowed to one side.
Once the area has been cleaned up it may enable a view along part of the underside of the sump, albeit
only the long sloping section, in pursuance of the long standing oil leak.
But it may also allow a camera to be passed down that way to look into the deeper parts.
Although there is basically no problem with the Triple Pump, now it is removed it can be taken out of the
loco for a full clean and painting which would have been more difficult in situ.
All of the spare cylinder heads that were sent for contract overhaul last week have passed their pressure
and crack tests so hopefully that's four in the bank so far!
The components still fitted to the loco will be similarly dealt with once removed so looking towards that I
have started removing the rocker gear.
No.1 and No.2 heads were done on Saturday before the worsening weather meant I couldn't see what I
was doing!

The remaining rockers and fuel injectors will be removed as time permits.
If sufficient resource is available, it is hoped to drain the engine oil over the next couple of weeks or so
and steam clean as much of the underside of the sump as practically possible but is all very much weather
dependent at the moment!