Update 1/3/14         By Matt Cambourne and Ian Robins. Pics by Ian.

D821 Has arrived!!

We are now hosting the loco to allow some repairs to be undertaken in the lead up to the June Diesel
Gala where the loco will perform.
The loco arrived during the week hauled to Bishops Lydeard by D1015, before being towed on to
Williton by D6575.

On Saturday Bob Clegg and Steve Vial amongst others were busy getting on with the required engine

Elsewhere Ian reports on D6566 progress- the locos engine top side is largely stripped down with
components being sent away for overhaul.

Today I completed cleaning all the accumulated sludge and debris from inside and on top of the block.
A large plastic bag was put underneath each position in turn to collect the discharge and I also
cleaned around inside with a vacuum cleaner.
It was noticeable that the accumulation was less from the three cylinders that were done in 1999!
Also removed the transition cups and old rubbers as part of the exercise.
The cups are fairly badly corroded and may not be re-usable so good job we have a replacement set!
We now need to decide who we will get to do the examination of the crankshaft, main bearings etc.
But some basic checks were done.
I tapped all the head studs with a small hammer and listened to the sound they made.
This can give an indication of any that may be cracked if they give a dull sound.
The crank big end journals were measured using a large micrometer.
Each was measured in line with the web and also at 90 degrees to it.
Was a bit concerned when I read that the wear allowance is only 0.002" but all came in at the
specified 7.48" with only one being 0.001" below.
So hopefully they will be ok.