Update from 17th January. By Ian Robins. Pictures by Ian, Terry and Dave

D1010 – “Team Maybach” including a couple of guests have fitted the turbocharger, water pump,
governor and water rails to the replacement MD655 ‘A’ engine.  Hopefully installation into the loco will
not be too far away.

D7018 -  Bob C tested the performance of the fuel lift pump by measurement of the fuel pressure
generated by it. It is understood all was satisfactory. Paul T and Graham installed sections of the fuel
system pipework in some rather awkward locations under the loco.

Delivery of the overhauled fuel gauges from Bayham Ltd is expected during the coming week.

D6575 – The vacuum brake problem reported late last year was investigated.  Ably assisted by John
Cooke, Simon, an external mains powered exhauster and a smoke generating pen, the fault was
isolated to the Vacuum Relief Valve (pictured) which was opening at around 16” rather than the
required 21” of vacuum. Following the usual issues of nuts and bolts that were reluctant to undo, the
valve was removed from the loco and stripped down on the bench. Once opened the problem soon
became apparent as the bolt securing the diaphragm clamp had worked loose thus leaving a large
gap through which air could pass into the vacuum system. Following correction of the fault and re-
assembly of the valve, it was re-fitted to the loco and tested.  With minor re-adjustment of the setting,
21” of vacuum is now maintained with ease.

Dave has sent an update from the previous week on the progress on D9518 currently.

D9518 was worked on by five members of the Group and achieved the removal of the last Cab
window, a start made on removing the Fire Pulls, Needle Gunning of the top  of the Loco’s Chassis,
and further cleaning of the exterior of the Voith transmission.

Cameron used a mechanical puller to remove the knurled driver from the “Trico” Windscreen Wiper
assembly. Previously, reluctant to come apart, it  delayed the removal of the last of the six Cab
windows; all now removed and safely sent to store. Dave H made a start on removing the fire pulls;
these need to be removed to free up the cab for lift. Pictures show the Fire pull arrangement on the
back of the cab prior to removal. Roy painted items as they were removed.

Darren, Cameron and Dave L shared the Needle-Gunning and more scraping off of the mixture of
dried-on Grease and Coal dust that arrived with the Loco from its previous owners. The cab side
pictures show the remnants of the Insignia of British Railways and of the National Coal Board.  
The Picture from the previous week shows the Generator Identification plate. “Lancashire Dynamo
and Crypto” dated 1964.
Pictures from the 17th from Ian showing valve from D6575, and engine for  D1010.
Pictures from the 10th from Terry and Dave showing D1010 progress in prep for the
welding repairs and D9518 progress.