Williton News Report for 16th March 2013
This weekend saw the WSR effectively launch the heritage railway operating season for 2013 with the opening day
of their Spring Steam Gala. With the intensive timetable in operation populated with a mixture of home and visitng
steam locos, there was plenty of action on the railway. As is customary with WSR events, we opened up the shed
and Heritage Centre to receive visitors. With the shed 'on display' so to speak, there are self-imposed restrictions
on the work that can be done with the public about. Consequently, most work is done either inside a loco, or
behind safety barriers.
Paul B was down and has made good progress with re-assembling  the cab lockers for D6575. He is refurbishing
the bulkhead lockers that fit into the roof space above the crew. These are bespoke as they are finely shaped to fit
each loco cab. Thankfully, where the wood has needed to be replaced it is mostly in the outer frame and not the
fitted frame itself. As a result, Paul is confident the completed lockers will fit neatly into place as though they have
always been there. We'll be checking later, Paul!
Ian turned over the body of the spare Class 33 triple pump and has now got all of the inside coated with
anti-tracking paint. Roy has undertaken to rub down and paint the outside. Ian also went around D6566 with
clipboard in hand with the draft of the bodywork overhaul specification and marked it up.
D6575 was standby loco and nearly got used on Sunday, however the steam loco crew concerned decided they
couldn't stand the embarrassment and struggled on!
Outside the shed, work was steadily being progressed in both D1010 and D832. In the Western, Gordon was taking
the opportunity with the cooler group still out of the loco to refurbish many of the panels that don't often get looked
at. At the end of the day, there was a distinct aroma of fresh paint all around the loco.
On 1 Road, deep in the B End nose of the Warship, Neil and Martin were trying to get at, and clean up, as much
of the pipework as they could reach. This is an area where water and condensation can cause havoc over time.
On completion, they sprayed it all with a mixture of oil and paraffin. The paraffin helps the oil to spread readily
over all surfaces and then soon evaporates, leaving the oily residue to inhibit further corrosion. In the other end of
the loco, Cameron was quietly applying new paint to the cab and making it look smart and tidy. In the shed,
Darren was rebuilding the crew seats. The seat cushions themselves have been to our neighbours on Williton
Trading Estate, Exmoor Trim, for reupholstering. They look very smart indeed, and the completed seats are now
being refitted to the loco.
On the Hymek front, the Master Battery Switch and associated control box is now almost complete in D7018 as the
photos above show. On D7017, the engine was run up late on Sunday 17th for the first time since the rebuild was
completed, which caused considerable interest among our visitors. The noise (the silencer is not yet back on) and
clag probably had something to do with it. Dr Maybach allowed himself a smile of satisfaction that it was complete,
but has announced a programme of fine tuning and adjustment before he will allow the loco back into service. Better
not put the spanners away just yet then!