Bumper Update-  21st October.
By Matt Cambourne, Terry Deacon, Bruce Fleet and David Hammond.

Various projects on shed have made good progress in the last few weeks as we have pretty much finished
our running season for 2014, bar the last couple of Diesel Driver Experience Courses.

D7018. Preparations for the engine and cooler group to be lifted in to the body continue. The engine was
recently taken outside to have its mounting feet fitted (pictures below). The planned date of the lift is a
Monday at the end of October.

D9526. The loco has made a welcome return to Williton following its extended visit to the East Lancs

D9518.  David and others have been busy working away on this long term overhaul project. See pictures
Su 5th Oct 14: The two off DSD’s (Driver Surveillance Device) foot switches'  were removed as part of
prep for cab lift-off. This required “had-it” retaining screws drilled-out, disconnected electrically, coal dust
emptied out, stripped & cleaned then prep’d with high zinc and top coat applied. Replacement (New)  1/4
BSF screws fitted.

Sa 11th Oct 14: Consultation with Terry D and a check against the drawing for the cab confirmed no Bolt,
retaining was fitted above and back of the Control cubicle (an inaccessible place) and so with all others
already removed, the cab roof was gently lifted and  with help from Simon, Graham, Cameron and Darren.
was carefully removed clear of the loco.

D6566. Some excellent work has been progressed on D6566 including welding repairs and insertion of
new liners.

A concerted effort by the team saw the last two cylinder liners installed on Saturday.
This is as far as we can get with the engine rebuild before departure for the bodywork overhaul at CTMS
booked for 4th November. Some cardboard plugs will be made to cover the liner tops to keep out any
debris. As mentioned previously, tests were performed by filling the sump with heating oil to identify
possible sources of the persistent oil leakage. These revealed cracks in the sump bottom and the full
extent of was determined by using flaw detection paint. On Monday 20th October repairs were carried out
and thanks go to Keith Palmer of TPS Weldtech for coming from their Alton depot to undertake the work.

Firstly, Keith stop-drilled the crack ends to prevent them from propagating further and filled each of those
with a spot of weld. The spot welds were then ground flush with the surrounding material. Then the
underside of the sump was cleaned to permit a 30cm square steel plate to be welded in place over the
cracked areas, quite a tricky job working upside down. The line of the weld can also be determined by
looking down inside the sump. Once things had cooled sufficiently a quantity of heating oil was pumped
into the sump and indications are that the leakage from that source has now been stemmed.

D1661. Bruce Fleet has recently completed a full detailed model of D1661 and we are pleased to show his
fine efforts below!  On the real loco a replacement cab roof section has been fitted.