Update from Sat 19th July. By Ian Robins.

D1010 – The loco has now been moved inside the shed on No.2 road.  If sufficient labour is
available next weekend the defective turbo will be removed for repair.

D7017 – The loco has been fully spruced up and checked over ready for its visit to the   
G&WR Diesel gala next weekend.  It was driven down to BL on Sunday and is scheduled to be
moved onwards to Toddington on Wednesday 23rd.

D7018 – Following a move around inside the shed, the replacement Maybach MD870  engine
now stands alongside the loco!  It is understood that the leak in the cooler group has now
finally been plugged and the group awaits installation into the loco.

D6566 – The overhauled Sulzer LAG37-17 turbocharger has returned from the contractor,  
Marine Turbo Engineering at Birkenhead. The old bearings have also been returned and may
be used as a pattern to get some spare bearings made in due course.  This type of turbo is
only found on Class 33s in the UK and as new spares are now very rare the replacement
bearings had to be specially made at significant expense.

Another component that is becoming rare for UK Sulzer’s is cylinder heads.

Heads are condemned during virtually every engine overhaul undertaken and one of those
removed from D6566 was found to be cracked during pressure testing.

As such, several groups have come together and acquired a quantity of overhauled heads
from Romania where a significant amount of spares are still available.

Two such heads have been purchased by us and will be installed on D6566 when the engine
is re-assembled, need to take account of those metric threads though!

D6575 -  

With help from Cameron I correctly re- adjusted the accelerator valve in No.1 cab to give 50psi
regulating air at full power demand. Was only 44 psi before adjustment, barely full power.

Also tuned the high note horn at No.2 end with Cameron holding the ladder!   This proved to
be more difficult than the one done at No.1 end back along as the locking nut was rather
difficult to budge.

D9526 – Now safely arrived at the ELR and awaits its moment of glory next weekend during
the 14s@50 event.

Simon has sent a photo in immediately below of D9523, D9526, D9555, D9521, D9539 in
line up.