Update 22nd Feb. By Ian Robins.

Much work has been progressed on the Crompton front!
On Thursday a gang consisting of Leroy, Graham and myself removed all the pistons from D6566.
We found out why No.2 cylinder always used to chuff, a broken top piston ring!

There was also a problem with No.6 as we found that the thread in the crown was damaged and the
eye bolt would not retain. Closer examination by Bob C also revealed a suspect crack in the crown so
there was probably an errant fuel injector fitted in that postion at some point. Bob tapped the hole out
to a larger size and we eventually got the piston out.
But on the basis that the piston was probably scrap, he removed the piston and we will just be
sending away the con rod to the contractor.  Luckily four spare pistons are available.
The heat exchanger has also been removed and when I left Graham was slackening off the main roof
bolts ready to lift out the turbocharger on the Friday.
Bob designed and manufactured a liner puller to use in conjunction with his hydraulic ram ready to
pull out the cylinder liners on Saturday.
However, first thing on Saturday there was some unexpected action when D6575 was required to give
rear end assistance to empty stock going to BL owing to poor rail head conditions.
It returned on the rear of a WSR service train towing D1661 back to WN as there was no Class 47
driver able to go to BL.  The turbo was duly removed on Friday as planned and I have removed the
exhaust stack and old inlet bellows ready for its despatch.  The latter fell to pieces but we have a new
one somewhere as we had two made when the one on D6575 was replaced.
Bob C assisted variously by Martin F, Leroy, Graham and myself removed the cylinder liners from the
block.  All came out reasonably well apart from No.3 which also needed the attention of a sledge
hammer!  The inside of the water jacket doesn't actually look too bad and I mopped out most of the
water lying in the bottom so it is now drying out ready to be cleaned up.  A smear of grease has been
applied to the big end journals and the whole block has been covered with a tarpaulin.

So stripping of the engine is now complete and all the parts should be with the various contractors for
refurbishment shortly.  Examination of the crankshaft, main bearings etc will be performed in due
course.  Next major job will be to remove the fuel tank and air receivers and then hopefully we may
finally be able to see underneath the engine.