Update from Saturday 23rd January. By Ian.

A good team effort on Saturday by John Cooke, Leroy, Gordon, Dave L and myself saw the remaining six
pistons fitted and also the first two cylinder heads installed.

Those being fitted in No.7 & 8 positions.

On Sunday, Leroy and myself got two more heads fitted in No.5 & 6 positions so halfway there!
New coolant transition rubbers, cups and a soft iron ring to form the gas seal between the liner and head
being fitted in the process.

The head nuts have so far only been torqued down as tight as can be achieved using a ratchet and bar thus
falling short of the specified 750lb-feet.

A torque wrench used in conjunction with a five times torque multiplier will be necessary to achieve that value.

Once the remaining heads have been similarly fitted we will then need to conduct a coolant leak check before
proceeding further s o all the cylinder head coolant rail sections have been extricated from storage in the

These will be temporarily fitted with one end of the run blanked off to do this but will they need to be removed
again to do the final torqueing as they obstruct the head nuts.

The big end bolt locking caps have also been retrieved from the container but we will not fully tighten those
either until the leak test has been satisfactorily passed