Work Report. Sat 20th December. By Ian Robins, Dave Hammond and Matt Cambourne.

On our last working Saturday before Christmas, various work was progressed on shed.

D1661 – All twelve fuel injectors have now been removed and cleaned in the wash tank.  It is
apparent that the nozzles on a few of them are heavily clogged with carbon.  They will be sent
away for overhaul early in the new year.

D6566 – Repairs to the accident damaged corner of No.2 cab are now well advanced at
Cranmore. Terry was again on site and took some pictures.

D7018 – Work continues apace. More sections of pipe work have been rubbed down and

D9518-  As part of our preparation for the Cab lift, we disconnected and removed the Generator
power cables with other wires also removed put them to store.
Due to rust at least one new junction box at the conduit ends is needed. However, that gives us
opportunity to consider easy improvements to the ducting that could ease accessibility.
Looking back at the teams achieved  progress we believe we are on schedule to meet our lift
date planned for March in the new year and we can lift the Generator at the same time.

On the very last working day before Christmas- 23/12, work was progressed on looming up a
terminal block in D7018. Leroy was busy painting and fitting pipes for the "new" engine for
D1010 with Bob manufacturing several bits for 7018 inside the workshop.

Seasons greetings to all our readers!