Work Report Saturday 21st February. By Matt Cambourne.

On shed today there was various progress on D7018 and the other projects.
We are not far away from one of our annual "work weeks" as well as being just three full months from the gala
in June.

Good progress is being made on the pipes and other connections for the loco. Bob has done much welding
in the loco.
Graham and Paul are pictured screwing in one of the couplings for the cooler group.
A fuel pressure test has been undertaken, the majority of the fuel pipe work is now connected to the engine.
Electrically, Matt installed a new voltmeter in the engine room on the new Battery Isolation switch/start
contactor box so when the BIS is engaged the driver or engineer can easily see the battery voltage without
having to walk through to the cubicle. A mysteriously missing resistor was also replaced.
Matt and John worked in the afternoon on trying to sort out a minor voltage leak on the Dead Mans Relay
circuit which is just enough to hold the relay in, preventing the warning lights from changing over.
The start sequence up to the start contactors has now been successfully tested, all positive stuff.
The loco won't be appearing in passenger traffic in 2015. It is really hoped we will have the loco running for
testing at some point in 2015, which will make it 20 years since its failure in traffic whilst working the Quantock
Belle dining train.

The engine is now pretty much completely ready to go back in during the March work week.
Mark has been busy undertaking welding repairs as the pictures below illustrate.
Leroy and Gordon are busy now putting in new piping for the vacuum system, air tanks have also been
removed checked, cleaned and painted.
All on target for running during the June Mixed Traffic Event.

Terry and Dave were busy progressing work on the "long term restoration project". The cab has now been
detached from the frame and is sat on wooden blocks ready for lifting off shortly.
The loco will then be basically a bare frame, completely stripped down.

Class 33's.
Ian was busy repairing a Class 33 slack adjuster, first picture below.