Update 24th March. By Ian Robins

D1010 – The replacement engine has been moved in front of the loco in preparation for it to be fitted, now planned
for sometime during May.

D7018 – Work continues on “plumbing up” the power unit.  Removal of the redundant water tank in the boiler room
has enabled a re-arrangement  of equipment to be performed. The Battery Isolation Switch has been relocated
there from it’s previous position on the side of the electrical cubicle and it is proposed that a new racking system will
be constructed for the batteries.  Enquiries are being made to source the original type of batteries used on Hymeks
otherwise a modern equivalent will be used.
The roof panel that goes over the engine area has been temporarily fitted to check whether everything lines up.

D6566 – A further progress meeting was held at Cranmore on Sunday 22nd March.  Work continues apace with No.
2 end now having all glazing fitted and a first coat of green paint has been applied to a large area of the body.

D6575 – The loco has seen extensive use on WSR engineering duties of late. Recent maintenance has included
fitting an overhauled set of fuel injectors and setting the valve tappet clearances, all done between usage.
The loco had previously been running with the same set of injectors that it carried during latter main line service so
they must have been fitted for at least 19 years.