Work report Saturday 24th May.         By Matt Cambourne and Terry Deacon.

Less than two weeks to go to the gala now!

Leeroy and John spent the day repairing the fractured vacuum pipe for D1010 that had become
apparent last week.  A new pipe and connections had been fabricated in the week to facilitate a
quick fit!

D832 was given a thorough greasing today in preparation for the gala.

Inside the shed work was progressed on the cooler group for D7018 with Graham and Paul
carefully lowering the fan into the unit. Roy was busy engaged in painting. Matt re-assembled the
fuel pump inside the loco.

Elsewhere Ian attended to a reported sticking solenoid valve on D6575 which was discovered as
being a defective coil on the unit.  

Terry updates us on the position with D9526.
Over the last few months 9526 has been tucked away in the Old Goods Shed at Williton to have
several outstanding maintenance jobs carried out and a repaint, things are now coming to
completion and so far looking good,

Simon has been lying down on the job ( all in the best possible taste ) to change Transmission
oils, greasing bearings and brake rigging, changing brake cylinder seals and adjusting brake
linkages, finishing off with a major clean up and spit and polish of wheels and driving rods.
Meanwhile Colin has been work like a beaver rubbing down and preparing the body panels, even
taking some parts off for home work !! The finished articles are now going back onto 9526 and a
gleaming finish has been achieved. Well done to them both for turning out a class job on the fifty
year old vehicle.