Christmas Update 24/12/13. By Matt, Ian and Terry.

A Happy Christmas to all our readers! An update below from the last couple of weekends of activity.

D6566- Ian writes
Ably assisted by Leroy and Martin F, the remainder of the charge air manifold was removed allowing
inspection of the inlet side of the cylinder heads last Saturday.  An horrendous amount of thick black
deposits were evident! Leroy then assisted with splitting up the previously removed exhaust system
parts. Many of the nuts fought defiantly but eventually relented to brute force and we only sheared
one of them. The sections will now be examined to confirm they are suitable for further use.
The Saturday before with help from Leroy and Ed, the exhaust system and coolant rails have now
been removed from the engine and stored in the new container. It will be necessary to split up the
larger sections of the exhaust system as removed into their individual components in due course.
Before it got too dark, a start was made on the inlet manifold and the elbow section from the turbo to
the sliding joint was removed. Hopefully the remainder of the inlet side will be removed next weekend
and then attention will turn to removing the rockers and injectors from the  heads.
An alternative supplier for the sundry engine components has now been identified and discussions
with the contractor whom it is intended will overhaul the major components, i.e. cylinder heads,
pistons and cylinder liners, have been held during the past week.

D7018 -
The cooler group was receiving welding attention from Mark to try and stem a persistant leak which
has to be sorted prior to the group being installed in the loco for the last couple of weeks.
Last Saturday Matt installed and tested a new resistor panel to cover the Warning lights as well as
some other things. The new panel worked well, not producing an excessive amount of heat and will
now be bolted in place. The “powered up” electrical testing on 7018 is progressing well with many
systems now fully operational and few faults being exposed.
Mezzanine Floor - This latest improvement to the shed interior has made great strides in the past
weeks with the installation of most of the decking. Once complete, it is intended that the volunteer's
lockers will be re-located aloft leaving the area below as an electrical workshop.

John Cooke and Neil tested a recently refurbished spare Northey Vacuum Exhauster.  Worked fine
despite many years storage out in all weathers!

D6575- Although the work on the windscreen surrounds has made good progress during the week, a
joint inspection with WS Restoration manager Ray Waldron on Saturday has identified a few minor
areas for re-work. So ever decreasing circles on that one at the moment!

D9526- The loco was used to move a cable laying train, pictured below at Washford.