Update from Saturday 19th October by Ian.

D9518 – The transmission was lifted out on Sunday and is currently stored on a custom built frame following
draining of the old oil.

A thick coating of coal dust was stuck to the outside of the transmission, a tribute to the British Coal Industry!
This Class 14 of course being a former NCB loco.

D6566 - On Saturday I decided to clean the back end of the engine, flywheel, fan area before the loco goes in
the shed as I knew it would make a mess underneath.  This will enable the fan covers to be re-fitted once the
applicable bits have been painted.
I decided against using the steam cleaner in case water got into the generator and just used strong detergent
in a bucket of water.
This got off most of the congealed oil and revealed some interesting markings on the side of the flywheel
suggesting that the present generator was fitted in 1989 whereas the engine itself is believed to have been
fitted during the last works overhaul in 1985.
On Sunday the loco was shunted over so it can be moved into No.3 shed road next Friday or Saturday.
As it is DEPG Work Week, it is hoped that the air tanks will be cleaned prior to their examination by the
insurance inspector on Friday.

D1010 – Gordon and Leroy have finished the brake cylinder repairs and it is hoped that the loco will be able to
go out on a test run during DEPG Work Week.

D832 – John and Neil have traced the electrical problems to insulation breakdown in the buffer beam multiple
working jumper cables.
As there is no immediate prospect of multiple working with another Warship, the jumpers will just be
disconnected for the time being.

D7018 – Work continues following the successful engine start last week and has included some remedial work
to the Pre-Heater wiring by Julien.