Update 26th August. By Matt Cambourne, Jon Tooke, Simon Purvis and Adam Hiscock

Its been a busy couple of weekends for us at Williton with the diesel running days taking place and much
activity on the shed as well.

We have our Late Summer Weekend this coming weekend which will see locos out on both days.

On Saturday 16th August on shed Ian was busy working on carrying out tests on D6566's engine block
and sump inside the shed. The loco is currently on two road undergoing an overhaul.

On D7018 Martin was busy fitting newly overhauled hydraulic pipe work to the locomotive.

Matt fitted a new engine hour metre and re-fitted one of the jumper cables following work to put a collar
on it. For some reason the cable was missing one at one rendering it virtually useless.

D6575 on the 16th was the loco of choice for the diesel diagram with three coaches. Jon Tooke and
Graham Perry were the traincrew. Jon has sent in some pictures below of the train and an incoming
charter with a Class 37 on.

Meanwhile Simon Purvis was busy visiting his machine in exile at Bury on the East Lancs Railway. The
loco is staying there a little longer.

Simon writes:

Saturday was given over to checking under the loco as she was stabled over a pit and under cover, the
opportunity was taken to check and wipe down between the frames, as well as give the brake rigging a   
bit of a grease and oil.  
As the weather was pretty wet on Sunday, and the loco was under cover, a 'quick' clean and polish of the
top of the loco was carried out. Also remove some of the soot that had been blown off from the tunnels on
the ELR.  Thanks need to go to the ELR for arranging the move so that '26 was placed over the pit and
under cover.

Photos including D9537 (Eric) in Desert Sand livery (someone said 'all she needs is the Afrika corps

On the evening of the 16th D832 hauled the evening dining train and some pictures of that along with the
loco on other trains are below courtesy of Adam Hiscock.