Reminder- last three diesel running dates coming up! Get them in while you can!!

Class 14- D9518 Cab Work.

DEPG regular Dave Hammond has been working on hard inside the cab of long term
restoration project D9518 over the last few months ably assisted by others.

The overall aim of the work David is doing is to prepare the cab for lifting out completely
so various work can be undertaken with it cleanly removed and access to the main drive
shaft and other components under the cab.

A lot of the work undertaken has been getting to the bolts that hold the cab in with years
of concrete, dirt, rust and other things getting in the way.

There is also the various systems that need disconnecting as well from the electrical side,
to the drivers controls.

Four photos are attached below of the latest position.

  • First photo shows the underside of the drivers brake valve.
  • Second photo shows general view by the footwells.
  • Third photo shows the bottom of the electrical cubicle on the left, with the main shaft
    underneath and drivers desk on the right.
  • Fourth photo shows general view of the upper part of the desk.