Work Report from Sat 22nd November. By Ian Robins and Simon Purvis.

Ian writes:-

D1010 – John Cooke and Gordon disconnected the main cardan shaft from the engine to
transmission at the flywheel end in preparation for the forthcoming change of ‘A’ engine. Leroy and
Mike H steam cleaned the oil impregnated air filter modules and replenished them with fresh oil.

D7018 -  Paul, Graham and Bob have continued fitting various items of pipework to the loco.

D1661 -  More routine maintenance.  Today the crankcase breather mesh screen and coarse fuel
strainer were cleaned. Much sludge and debris was found in the latter. All of the turbo inlet air filter
modules were removed from the loco and similarly treated along with those from D1010.

D6575 – The loco worked light engine from BL to MD and then returned with an engineers train to
BL on Saturday.  The loco is expected to involved with the engineers trains associated with the WN
loop extension during the winter.

D6566 – Rapid progress has been made during the first two weeks at CTMS.  Most of the loco has
now been rubbed down to bare metal and some corroded areas cut out. Welding repairs to one side
of the cooler group have already been completed.  A visit to Cranmore by myself and the owner was
undertaken on Sunday to inspect progress and discuss some of the issues raised so far.

D9518 – The “Small Loco Division” have made good progress lately.  The Electrical Cubicle, Brake
Frame and Fuel Tanks are now ready to be craned off the loco.  This is expected to be performed
during December in conjunction with the engine change on D1010.

Simon adds:-

Dave and I had a good day working on 9518, the control cubicle was finally disconnected and most
of the cab lining has been removed.  Dave had come prepared with mask and ear defenders.  The
cubicle was lifted and placed upon wooden blocks to check there was no wires left connected, or
there were some fixings in place. The cubicle was moved backwards to the desk, uncovering the
front cab wall - all was disconnected . Dave set about removing the lining and sound deadening
glass fiber pads Most of the trim screws did not give up without a fight, and Dave used his air
powered screw driver. As already reported, the brake frame is ready for lifting, but to make things
easier, the DSD vacuum valve and some of the reversing system valves were removed in
preparation for this lift.  The valves all require a good clean and inspection as none have operated
for over 20 years.