An Update on D6566 Progress at Cranmore- 28/4/15 By Ian Robins

A further progress meeting was held at Cranmore on Sunday 26th April.

No.2 Cab is now basically complete with only a few items left to re-fit (the seats and armrests are
being dealt with back at Williton).

Just to confuse drivers there is now an extra switch on the instrument panel!

It is of course for the re-instated marker/tail lights.

The interior paint scheme is identical to that used in D6575 and is as close to the original “as built”
condition as practically possible.

External paintwork is coming along well with the numbers applied at one end and the BR crest
attached to one side.

No.1 cab metalwork repairs are expected to be completed in the next week or so.

It is now planned that the the bogie frames and battery boxes will also be repainted by CTMS.

As long as there are no major set backs, it is expected that the body work overhaul will be
completed in time for the loco to return to the WSR shortly after the Mixed Traction Weekend in

In addition to the seats and armrests, a number of other items have remained at Williton for
refurbishment and repainting of the mass of miscellaneous pipework is also now nearing completion.

The fuel tank and external air receivers will hopefully be attended to shortly.

Then once the loco itself is back at Williton, there is the small matter of the engine overhaul to