Update from Saturday 28th June. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

Ian has provided a loco by loco run down of news.

D1010 – The loco is shortly to be turned, probably on the NF triangle, so as the defective turbo
can be removed for repair.

D1661 – The Class 47 worked its booked diagram on Friday 27th June but unfortunately an
intermittent problem with the horns in No.1 cab manifested itself again.

The horn would blow continuously and could only be stopped by closing the isolation valve, the
secondman being tasked to sound the horn by opening the valve as required!

Therefore the loco was failed upon arrival back at Williton and its scheduled diagram on Saturday
was covered by D832.

But “sods law” dictated that when the problem was investigated on Saturday it could not be
repeated, damn intermittent faults!

D6566 – Following advice from James Cox at the Swanage Railway regarding preparation of the
block prior to fitting the cylinder liners, I have cleaned up all the top liner landings using various
wire brush attachments in an electric drill as recommended. By the use of 12mm x 4mm self
adhesive expanded PTFE material being wrapped around the liner top seal a good joint can be
achieved without the need to lap the block.
This method was obviously used by BR (D6575 exhibiting evidence of this) and has also been
successfully used in preservation on 33 012 and others.
A small amount of rust and scale had to be removed from a couple of the landings but I have to
say they all look pretty good following cleaning. I have greased them to prevent further corrosion
before the liners are fitted. Also similarly cleaned the bottom liner sealing areas and the transition
rubber seatings while I was in the mood!

A number of the transition rubber seatings are pitted so will probably need some silicon sealant put
in to ensure a good seal. Just need the liners now and they can be fitted! In fact overhaul of the
engine parts has now been completed by Kev Cook and they are awaiting collection from his
workshop.  Whilst I was attending to the block on Saturday, Tony T-B and Dave L carried on from
what Frank had started the previous week and have now got half of the generator painted, see

D6575 was on the DDEC on Saturday and is out on the booked turn next Friday.
As it can be crewed by WSR Plc drivers, the loco is now also booked to cover the diesel diagram
on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th July in lieu of D832 and D7017 due to our resources being
distracted elsewhere.

D7017 – Leroy has been performing some engine room cleaning ahead of its planned visit to the
G&WR over the 25th-27th July. An underframe exam is also to be performed prior to this.

Terry has written about the work undertaken today on D9526:-

Today Simon,Colin and myself set about refurbishing the change of direction system on 9526.
This involved Simon working upside down in a very confined space under the cab floor.
The operating cylinders were removed and new seals fitted,meanwhile Simon replaced the
interlocking system "O" rings,while upside down in "the glory hole"
All overhauled cylinders were refitted,the Locomotive air pressure was charged up and change of
direction operated,all worked well.
A job well done and hopfully not required again for some time.

Photos below from Terry on the overhaul of the change of direction system.
Two photos below that from Ian showing the newly painted generator.