Update from the 1st and 8th February.  By Ian Robins and Jon Tooke.

Ian writes (8th Feb).

There was a major shunt at WN on Saturday, three locos D9526, D6575 & DH16 providing the
motive power.

As a result not much loco work got done although Mark A has now finished welding the steps into
the stairs leading to the new mezzanine floor.

The interior of the shed has also been extensively re-arranged with many items being moved
around to accommodate D821 when it arrives.

However, the arrival of D821 has been delayed, new date TBA at the time of writing.

But this has meant that it has been able to accommodate D6566 inside the shed for a couple of
weeks and good use is being made of this as follows!

Although the loco did not get inside the shed until fairly late in the afternoon, Leroy and me with
help from Graham managed to remove all of the cylinder heads.

On Sunday Leroy and myself firstly removed the locking assemblies and then slackened off all
the big end bolts unit they were just finger tight.

This is the first time Nos 1 to 5 have been undone since BR days and I think that whoever
tightened No.2 had eaten too many Shredded Wheat for breakfast that morning!

Although they were all tight and required the use of a three foot long tube to get moving, that
position was well over-tightened.

Following that, the crank was barred around with each piston being brought to the top in turn and
the 1/2" BSW thread in the centre of the crown was cleaned with a plug tap so as it will safely
accomodate the eye bolt for lifting out.

It is hoped that the pistons will be removed during the coming week.

The Heat Exchanger pipework has also been removed as it is intended to lift that out and send it
away for inspection and servicing.

It is also hoped to remove the Turbocharger while we have access to the lifting gantry.

Jon Tooke writes (8th Feb)

Down in the Swindon shed work continues with the contract repairs to the
Thumper unit, and to the loco hauled coaching stock for the railway.
To create space in the yards, the QB and MK1 BG as used by the S+T
department occupy the down road at WN station.
Outside the Swindon shed the BR WR crane and match truck are still stabled
together with the 5 plank wagon which seems to have deteriorated somewhat
over the past few months.

In the South Yard and the shed work continues by the DEPG to get their
projects back on track following the all too short Christmas break.
Darren, Dave and Cameron continue the class 14 project of stripping down the
loco to see what effect time has had over the years. Unfortunately but not
unpredictably some areas have not offered too much resistance to the dreaded
tin worm!

Update 1/2

In preparation for removal of the Cylinder Heads, Leroy and me managed to undo all 64 retaining
nuts using a 5x torque multiplier.
We had to use tubes of various lengths to extend the reaction arm so as it would rest on various
suitable pieces of structure around the engine room and also to extend the driver bar we were
Even then we hadn't really appreciated how tight the nuts would be and how much effort was
required to undo them!
But we finally freed the last ones on Sunday morning.
In the afternoon we then disconnected the push rod tubes and lower banjo pipe fittings from the
Then using a bar, each head was eased to ensure it was free to come off.
Rumour has it that the loco may be moved from the dreaded Roughmoor Siding next Saturday
and stabled outside the DEPG shed.
Next stage will then be to slacken the big end bolts to prepare for removal of the pistons.