Loco Running Dates 2017

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2017 Diesel Running Dates (Allocations will be advised in due course).

More info on Maybach Memories here


Tues 6th June             Blue Timetable                  D6575 Substitute for DMU

9th/10th/11th June     Diesel Gala click  here for more info:-
The Diesel Gala is happening on the WSR between Friday 9th and Sunday 11th June this year.
This year Friday and Saturday will be all Diesel and we are very grateful to the WSR for allowing us out to operate what will be an
intensive and exciting Diesel hauled service.  On the Sunday there will be a single steam diagram out as well as the Diesels. On the
Friday and Saturday the first departure from both ends of the line is 09:00. The last services are 18:00 and 18:45 from Bishops Lydeard
and Minehead respectively. On Sunday it’s a slightly later startup and earlier closedown as you would expect-  09:20 first and 17:00 last
from Bishops Lydeard and 10:00 first and 17:00 last from Minehead.  A new attraction in 2017 is a  “Real Ale Trail”, the WSR having
teamed up with the society of independent brewers to offer some seriously good ales at three stations during the event. The three
stations will be home to 24 brewers in all for what will undoubtedly be a well used attraction. The three stations are Bishops Lydeard,
Stogumber and Minehead. The lineup of visiting locomotives is impressive and reflects feedback from previous years.
To that end the visitors are:-
· Class 26 No. 26043  from the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway.
· Class 20’s No’s 20059 & 20188 from the Severn Valley Railway.
Both subject to final confirmation we understand from the Special Events Planning Team.   The visitors will be supported by four
locomotives from our fleet:-
· Hymek D7017
· Western D1010
· Class 33 D6575 &
· Brush type 4 D1661.
On display at our Williton Depot will be both Class 14’s D9526 and D9518, Class 33 D6566 and Hymek D7018.

Sat 17th June              Blue Timetable                     D1661 Substitute for DMU
Sun 25th June             Maybach Memories             D1010


Sat 1st July                Blue Timetable                        D1661 Substitute for DMU     
Sat 8th July               Blue Timetable                        D1661 Substitute for DMU
Sun 9th July              Maybach Memories                D7017
Sat 15th July             Blue Timetable                        D1661 Substitute for DMU
Sat 22nd July            Maybach Memories                D1010
Sun 23rd July            Maybach Memories               D1010


Fri 4th Aug              Evening special during Steam Rally  D6575
Sat 5th Aug              Yellow Diesel diagram              D6575
Sun 6th Aug             Yellow Timetable                       D1661 Substitute for DMU
Sun 20th Aug           Quantock Belle Dining Train   D7017


2/3rd Sept                Late Summer weekend (Gala)   TBC
Tue 19th Sept          Blue Timetable                            D6575 Substitute for DMU
Sat 23rd Sept           Maybach Memories                   TBC
Sun 24th Sept          Maybach Memories                    D7017
Tue 26th Sept          Blue Timetable                            D6575 Substitute for DMU
Sat 30th Sept           Maybach Memories                    D7017


Tue 24th Oct          Blue Timetable                             D6575 Substitute for DMU

Diagram workings:-

Maybach Memories 11:50 BL-MD, 13:30 MD-BL, 15:20 BL-MD, 17:20 MD-BL – 80 miles.
All services extra to timetable of the day, limited stop, calls crossing places (CH, WN & BA) plus
Watchet only.

Blue DMU Substitute 11:05 BL-MD, 15:30 MD-BL – 40 miles

Yellow DMU Substitute 11:50 BL-MD, 13:30 MD-WN (extended), 14:TBA WN-MD,
17:20 MD-BL – 60 miles