Diesel and Electric Preservation Group announces strategy for “D1010 Western Campaigner”.

Today we’re pleased to announce our strategy for D1010 Western Campaigner.  At the 2014 June
Mixed Traffic event we talked about it being the last opportunity to ride behind the locomotive for 2014
and we can now explain the reasons behind this.

Currently part of the locomotives bodywork is in need of welding and repairs as many of you will have
noticed. The locomotives body has had a hard life to put it mildly. It had suffered three collisions in BR
traffic requiring repairs, the loco before being preserved by the DEPG was also put outside Merehead
Quarry for sometime being exposed to years of acidic stone dust.  

The intended strategy for the loco is that it will be stopped for 2014 and we will get these important
repairs carried out. The locomotive has “stretched” skin- a special method of construction which was
used to save on costs of materials, keep the overall locos weight down and allow for some of the
attractive shapes in the design.  This does mean it’s not a five minute job to carry out the repairs!

During the mixed traffic event the locomotive unfortunately suffered a seized turbo charger which will
need to be repaired before it can run again and has been sent away to a specialist team that can
undertake this work.

We hope you understand the reasons for taking this important decision to stop the locomotive for the
rest of the 2014 season.

Its hoped the locomotive will be ready in time to run in the June 2015 Mixed Traffic Weekend and
otherwise is now in very good condition.

In other news its hoped D7018 will be outshopped over the winter with a crane booked for late October
to lift in the locomotives engine and cooler group.

M Cambourne