A statement from the DEPG. 17/6/18

The Diesel & Electric Preservation Group would like to thank everyone who turned out to support the Diesel
Gala on the West Somerset Railway last weekend in any capacity, both operational and visitors alike. We had a
varied cast of visiting locomotives and we are grateful to their respective owners for bringing them to the

Most of you will be aware that we suffered a distressing failure of Class 52 'Western Campaigner' late on Friday
evening. Our initial diagnosis has confirmed that a major failure has occurred inside the transmission at B End
meaning it can no longer be used.

The transmission has now been manually locked into neutral to permit the locomotive to be moved. Our priority
now is to arrange for D1010 to be recovered safely to Williton where we will be able to remove the cooler group
and access the transmission. Only when we have been able to look inside the gearbox will we be able to
determine the full extent of the failure and any damage caused.

We will keep you posted on developments on our website www.depg.org.