Work Report Saturday 7th December 2013.
By Jon Tooke and Ian Robins.

The day of our excellent DEPG Christmas do at the Wyndham Arms.

Jon writes:-

On Saturday, the DEPG were busy on various projects which included the
continuation of work on the small shed extension. Darren and Graham were
busy painting the internal and external doors.
In the old goods shed, Cameron was still getting to grips with the extensive
strip down of class 14 9518.

Also in the old goods shed, in the visitor centre, a new exhibit was tried
out. This ground positioning light has been wired up so the different
working aspects of it can be seen.

Outside in the North Yard winterisation of the a couple of the Hydraulics
has taken place. By sheeting them over, hopefully the rain from  any winter
showers will not find its way into the cabs and other important areas at the
front ends!

In the North yard the Crompton soaks up the last of the winter sun.
To cap the day off we had a wonderful rainbow over the locos in the yard. A
fruitless search was however made for the pot of gold!

Ian updates us on the work being carried out on the two class 33’s:-

D6566 - The loco is currently parked in the Roughmoor Siding at Williton with commanding views of the
recycling depot next door!
Whilst I was in a DEPG Council Meeting on Saturday morning, Brad and Leroy removed the two oil pipes
going to the turbo.
As things are now starting to get rather cluttered inside the engine room I have obtained permission to store
the components removed from the 33 in the newly acquired container for the duration of the overhaul.
But after the meeting I managed to remove the exhaust section and bellows from No.1 cylinder head and
remove a few more bolts along the upper exhaust run before it got too dark!
It looks as though it may be easier to take out some sections whilst still bolted together and then split them up
on the bench.
I reckon it will be about two more days work to remove all the external pipework and ducting from the cylinder
The "one stop shop" I had hoped to use to obtain the replacement seals and gaskets for the engine overhaul
(exhaust gaskets, transition rubbers etc) are now unable to supply having apparently sold all of their stock of
these to a third party.
So alternative suppliers are now being sought.

D6575 - Hopefully work on the fitting of the cab windscreen surround timber and fibreglass mouldings will
resume next week.     
Photos from Jon of the various goings on
Pictures from Ian below including the Xmas do!