Maybach Memories.  16/3/17

The West Somerset Railway and the Diesel Electric Preservation Group are pleased to announce they have
agreed to operate an additional eleven heritage diesel hydraulic locomotive hauled trains, during the 2017
season. These trains will run under the brand name of “MAYBACH MEMORIES” in recognition that the last
British Railways Western Region Maybach powered diesel hydraulic locomotives ran in 1977.

These eleven trains are additional to those shown in the West Somerset Railway 2017 public timetable leaflet
and will run on the following dates:
Saturday 6th May     
Sunday 7th May
Sunday 14th May
Saturday 20th May
Sunday 25th June
Sunday 9th July
Saturday 22nd July    
Sunday 23rd July
Saturday 23rd September     
Sunday 24th September
Saturday 30th September

The planned 80 mile service day for each of our “MAYBACH MEMORIES” services will start the day at
Bishops Lydeard at 11:50 hrs.

To haul these “MAYBACH MEMORIES” trains we plan to use either:-

Class 35 “Hymek”  N D7017  or
Class 52 “Western” N D1010 “Western Campaigner”

At this time we are unable to identify which locomotive by number will work which train. However by the end of
March we will follow this initial press release up with a second,  providing working timetables and provisional
locomotive allocations to services so you can decide which days you will venture west to support this new
joint venture full ticket arrangements and other details will also be provided by the end of March 2017.