Free Fundraising
A new way to help raise (free) money for the DEPG!

We have recently set up an account with everyclick. The aim of this service is to
raise money for charities in several ways. It is possible to make a donation direct.
The other interesting method is by registering for the site, you can raise money for
the DEPG by simply using the search engine on their site rather than going
through google/yahoo. Provided you are registered (which is free), everytime you
do a search you earn the group money! This is called 'give whilst you live' on the
There is no catch and several other loco preservation groups are using this.

Be great if you felt you could help in this way. The website for the group is:

You can register to become a member at Remember to
make your chosen charity you wish to support as the diesel and electric
preservation group.

Thanks for your help!