New update- Saturday 30th November 2013. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

Ian Writes:-

D7017 - John Cooke and Neil gave the loco a routine engine start up to check all was ok.  Attention was
given to a defective exhauster control switch that has been giving trouble for a while.
D7018 - The replacement MD870 engine has reached another notable stage in the rebuild with all pistons
and cylinder hads now fitted in postion.
D832 - Now looks very cosy under its Winter tarpaulins fitted on Saturday!  Recent work has sorted out the
long standing problems with B engine starting circuit.
D9526 - Has been employed on cable laying duties for the S&T Department.
D1661 - Has played a starring role during the filming of a new series of BBC's "Casualty" involving a
simulated accident on Seaward Way crossing at Minehead.
D6566 - Following many years faithfull service, a major overhaul is now in progress.
After having devised a suitable marking up scheme so as we know how to re-assemble things, Brad and me
have made a start at stripping down the exhaust system as part of the engine repair programme.
Even though each nut and bolt fought us as expected, we made surprising progress and have disconnected
all the solid sections and bellows between the turbo and main runs along the engine.
One of the bellows shows signs of internal distress so we will need to seek a replacement.
The coolant pipwork to the turbo was also disconnected so with a couple more hours work the unit would be
ready for lifting out of the loco.  It is due to be sent away for a contract overhaul.
More exhaust system dismantling will be undertaken in due course!

D6575 - Routine maintenace continues. On Saturday, Dave and Ed changed the fine fuel filter elements
and today I performed an examination of the engine room located electrical machines.
All was satisfactory apart from a sticking brush in the compressor motor that had to be freed.
The main generator was so clean internally that I am not bothering to rotate the brushgear around for the
time being.
Very different from D6566 where the bottom brush box gets contaminated with oil so needs regular attention
but hopefully that issue will be sorted out during the overhaul!

I started the loco this afternoon and ran it for over an hour to check everything is working satisfactorily after
the recent work. No problems were apparent. In fact apart from oiling and greasing, most of the routine work
on the loco that does not need it positioned over a pit is now complete. No progress on the contract cab
fitting work to report this week but hopefully there will be some activity during the coming week. Brad is
giving the bogies, fuel tank and battery boxes a fresh coat of black paint to smarten things up.
Pictures from Terry:-

1.View of 9518 now that the cooler group has been removed
2.9518 Front end doors wide open showing the internals ( where the cooler group was)
3.9518 Cooler group and transmission cooler put to one side to allow cleaning and stripping before
storing ready for rebuild.
4.Pistons and con rods removed from replacement Paxman engine for 9526
5.Removal of cylinder liners from the replacement Paxman engine for 9526
6.View inside the Paxman block having removed the cylinder liners ( a bit of cleaning up required!!)