Update 4th March by Ian Robins and Andy Royal.

Bit of a bumper update including some photos from the last few weekends.

Saturday 2nd March the Railway had a significant stakeholders meeting attended by several
hundred people. Report will be provided at some point and in the next issue of our newsletter.

previous weekend in late Feb Ian provides an update on the two Cromptons and the winter
work package that has been undertaken.

D6566 – Available for use by WSR as required.  It was used during a shunt of the Swindon Shed last
week but is expected to be used on ballast trains and stock movements shortly.
On Saturday, I mixed more 25% coolant and pumped it into 33057.

D6575 – Has been undergoing winter maintenance.
Workload unfortunately increased when it was found that the engine oil Heat Exchanger (HE) seals
were leaking. Thomas assisted me to dismantle the leaking inlet end of the HE, clean tubes, fit new
seals and re-assemble.
No.1 exhauster has been noted as weak for some time and has received new “Tenmat” vanes and a
replacement oil pump as the original was found to be defective. John Cooke, Leroy, Gordon and
Thomas assisted in the exercise which required the motor end of the exhauster to be lifted to lock the

It will be formally tested as part of the forthcoming Static Brake Tests which form part of the annual
Vehicle Inspection and Brake Test (VIBT).
Two Saturdays ago, sufficient 25% antifreeze coolant was mixed and pumped into the cooling system.
Having checked everything was holding, the engine was started.
There was only one minor coolant leak apparent from one of the flanges that we had disconnected
but that was sorted by tightening the bolts.

On the following Sunday, Thomas assisted me to change an automatic brake slack adjuster with a
damaged bellows using a previously overhauled spare from stock, another VIBT item.
The air system was charged from an external compressor and we confirmed that it worked correctly.
Curiously, the slack adjuster we removed is of a slightly different design than I have come across
previously and certainly unique amongst the ones we have.
It does not feature the two large bolts at the rear that engage with the brake rigging but luckily we had
two spares of those in stock for the spare adjuster that we fitted.
The traction motor ammeter in No.1 cab has been found to be sticking so our spares will be checked
to see if we have a serviceable exchange unit.

This Saturday Thomas assisted me to replace the two leaking automatic blowdown valves
(doughnuts) on the main and control air reservoirs, we used a spare one as a “float” unit.
We had to strip and refurbish two of them so I supervised Thomas in doing this to give him experience.
All is now quiet underneath so hopefully the leakage rate has been slowed down.
On Sunday Darren and James cleaned around the engine following the fitters having made it dirty!
The water temperature  gauge has been sticking part way around so was removed for repair.
However, it has been found that it will be more cost effective to procure a new unit. The picture shows
where the water temperature gauge would be.
While Darren and James did their cleaning, I did an auxiliary motor exam and greased the bearings of
the TM Blower Motor, Compressor, Triple Pump and both Exhausters.
The blower motor and triple pump both had seized brushes so I cleaned and freed them.
It is hoped to perform the Static Brake Tests in the next couple of weeks.

Over the previous weekend 16th and 17th Feb the following update comes from Andy and Ian.

Work continues on D1010 o
ther jobs continuing prior to the damaged transmission moving into the
industrial unit for repair.  Leroy is seen servicing one of the brake cylinders.
Pictured below. Top

On D7018 Paul and team continue final fitting out of the loco including painting of the internal engine
room doors.

Andy provided the following notes.

Class 52 D1010: Trial startup of "A" engine went well last week and no
unexpected issues were
encountered. This allows the loco to be moved
under her own power when the time comes to move
her out of the shed and
get her under the crane again.

Class 47 D1661: Further dismantling of the shutter assemblies took place
last week, so we are getting
nearer to having all four assemblies
removed by crane. This should be possible in the next few weeks.

Class 14 D9526: V
arious jobs outstanding including annual brake test and