Update from Tuesday 1st March. By Martin

During the afternoon of St David's Day, 1st March 2016, after a couple of months of careful and incremental
testing, the overhaul team was finally in a position to answer the question of whether the rebuilt Mekydro
gearbox would do what it was built for, and move the locomotive.

With D7017 coupled on and both locomotive's engines running, Hymek D7018 was asked, mechanically, to
engage the torque convertor in 1st gear. The response was immediate and emphatic. D7018 moved gently
forward about 9 inches towards Minehead, until prevented from further movement by her sister. The test was
repeated electrically and remotely from A end cab using the driver's controller, and the response was the

The test programme has been carefully structured to ensure that each test builds on the successful
completion of the previous one. At the moment, testing is currently restricted to A cab and, as the transmission
is not yet changing direction correctly from this cab (it does so under local control, but not remotely), the
testing programme has been paused again for further adjustments to be made.

We are also pleased to announce that the newly manufactured main cardan shaft has now been delivered to
Williton and will be fitted to the locomotive shortly, once the necessary adaptor coupling has been made and
fitted. Once this has been completed, the testing programme will resume.