Update from Saturday 4th February.  By Jon Tooke, Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

Saturday 4th Feb 2017 saw the usual team down Williton way engaged on the many projects and work that
is ever ongoing for the DEPG
as reported by Jon.

Graham is still refurbishing the Hymek cabs and during the strip down it was
noted that the old metal
sheeting around the floor area by the drivers desk
was looking a bit thin so new panels were fabricated
from sheet steel and
Graham is seen trimming off any excess and grinding flat any imperfections.

Work continues on the class 14 engine rebuild by Simon and Terry ably
assisted by Warren and Mike. The
state of the rebuilt engine can be clearly
seen by this overhead picture.(taken from a place of safety!)

Other Teddy Bear and Hymek repairs continue in the shed with the refurbished
roof panel of the class 35
being attended to ensure it sits down perfectly
when placed onto the loco, and the side and front
compartment doors open on
the class 14 give access to the engine and its associated parts.

Infrastructure work is always ongoing, and JT and Darren set to and replaced
the door handles and locks
to the shed doors because the old ones were life
On a lighter moment, As JT attends  to the lock, Darren decides JTs wooly
hat requires a small amount of
adjustment too!

Ian writes:-

D6566 - Last Saturday
at the end of January, Will and me removed the brake block holder and pin that
was obviously flanging for further investigation.
I think what is required is to get the pin skimmed to true it
up and then get new bushes made to suit.
All the brake parts removed were brought into the shed and last
Sunday Andy P cleaned the thread and fitted a new boot to the slack adjuster.
This Saturday, with some
assistance to move the bits into position, I first removed the sanding pipe for access and installed the slack
adjuster and pull rods refurbished last weekend and set them up.
This was on the opposite side from
where it was taken off thus replacing a slack adjuster with damaged bellows which has also been taken into
the shed for attention in the warm.
We have two more new bellows in stock but may have to order some
more as there are a few dubious looking ones on both Cromptons.

Terry has sent some photos (bottom three) showing the engine mounts being prepared ready for fitting.
Also the Engine mounts fitted and the engine supported on blocks to allow clearance within engine support
frame to allow flywheel fitting.
The Flywheel was also fitted and torqued tight.

Top few photos from Jon, followed by couple of shots from Ian of the work on D6566 and last but
definitely not least photos of the engine for D9526 from Terry.