Update 4/6/18. Pictures by Graham, Terry and Martin.

A few news updates and some pictures from the latest activities on the Depot.

D1661 is getting some much needed bodywork TLC at the moment. The roof panels have been
individually removed and are being repainted- a long but worthwhile process given the combination of
seagull droppings and sea salt in the atmosphere around the Railway.

D7018 is having mods done, including fitting a modern day electronic voltage regulator and a modern
commercial burner being tested.

The Class 33's have been very busy. As well as covering for steam locos they have been getting some
TLC as well from the cleaning gang. One of the locos has also been out and about on the line working
the log train.

Not long to go now until the Diesel Gala taking place next weekend an exciting mix of home and visiting