Update from Saturday 2nd April. By Ian Robins and Paul Tucker.

Various news on different locos on shed:-

D1010 – Following topping up the battery electrolyte levels both engines were started and some
tests were performed. It was found that ‘A’ end dynostarter was not providing any charging current.
This is most likely due to a failure of the battery charge rectifier which is located up inside the nose
end and will need to be replaced.

D832 – The battery electrolyte levels were also topped up and the loco went out on a loaded test
run on Sunday. This has revealed a few minor problems that will be rectified before the loco does
its first 2016 passenger turns.

D6566 – Following installation of the cylinder heads attention is now turning to plumbing everything
up.  All exhaust system components were extricated from the container on Saturday and a start has
been made on fitting them.  You need to think carefully about the installation order and the bottom
run has to be fitted first before the upper run goes in so as you can access the nuts and bolts.
The marking system devised for the flanges when they were removed still seems to make sense!
The turbo and heat exchanger have also been brought into the shed so all major components are
now available for installation and the rocker covers have been loosely fitted.
On Sunday I painted one side of the heat exchanger in the required Rail Grey and will roll it over to
do the other side once it is dry.

D6575 – This worked the first 2016 DDEC as planned on Saturday.

Paul reports from last weekend:-
We changed the water pump on D7017 after it was noticed that it was leaking. Unfortunately this
meant partially draining the water and removal of a load of water pipes as the pump is sited behind
three rows of pipes then the intercooler pump and engine pump can be removed. Installation is the
reverse. This sounds easy except the engine water pump is quite heavy and the position is under
the air intakes so it is not a straight lift.

Pictures below from Ian, showing work on D6566.