Further update from Sat 30/4/16. By Ian Robins.

D832 – Worked the booked diesel turn on Saturday and has now been moved to Swanage Railway for
their diesel gala this weekend.

D7018 – Mark from the Gloucestershire and Warkwickshire Railway is making good progress with cutting
out the corroded body work sections and welding in new sheeting.
By the end of Sunday he had complete the lower cabside sections on one side of the loco.

D6575 – On Saturday the loco worked to BL with D832 and was parked inside the new covered shed
over one of the pits. Cameron, Tony T-B and myself then changed a defective slack adjuster before
replacing all the brake blocks on No.1 bogie as they were worn below the limit marks.  
No.2 bogie blocks are still within limits a the moment but will also need changing in 2-3 months time.

D6566 – The previous weekend assisted by Andy P the heat exchanger and the two straight sections of
the inlet manifold were craned in and fixed.
The cooling system is now being re-assembled replacing the flexible sections with new hose as required.
Dave L had also helped with fitting the coolant rail along the top of the cylinder heads.