This week we have a selection of excellent photos from Glyn Warren taken over last weekend.

Image 1 - Crompton D6575 climbs Woolston Bank complete with Waterloo to
Bournemouth express headcode having replaced failed steamer on 17.13
departure from Williton heading for Bishops Lydeard. Running about 30
minutes late. 30/6/17.

Image 2 - Hymek D7017 and Brush Type 4 D1661 passing Railway Cottage
Woolston at 9.45 on their way to head the first two trains from Bishops
Lydeard. Hymek replacing failed steamer, Brush on scheduled DMU
substitute working. 1/7/17.

Image 3 - Hymek D7017 on the 10.30 Bishops Lydeard to Minehead down
working crossing Woolston Moor at 10.50. 1/7/1

Image 4 - Brush Type 4 D1661 departs from Crowcombe Heathfield with the
11.05 departure from Bishops Lydeard. This is the scheduled DMU
substitute working. 1/7/17.

Image 5 - Hymek D7017 about to cross the A358 on the climb to Woolston
Moor near Williton at 13.28 on the 12.35 Minehead to Bishops Lydeard
service. 1/7/17.

Image 6 - Close up view of Hymek D7017 at the same location as image 5.

Image 7 - Crompton D6575 on the late running Diesel Experience heritage
goods train passing under the overbridge to Woolston village at 14.28.

Image 8 - North Star and Hymek meet at Blue Anchor at 16.02 with the
15.30 from Minehead and the 14.35 from Bishops Lydeard respectively. 1/7/17.

Image 9 - D7017 has the token and is ready to depart from Blue Anchor
with the 14.35 service from Bishops Lydeard, after a very speedy two
minute stop to make up time. 1/7/17.

Image 10 - Hymek D7017 well into the climb up Woolston Bank with 8
coaches and making a fine sight at 17.38 on Saturday evening. This is
the final service of the day, the 16.30 Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. 1/7/17.

Image 11 - Hymek D7017 nearing the top of Woolston Bank on the 16.30
Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. 1/7/17.

Image 12 - Crompton D6575 deputising for unavailability of a steamer on
the Quantock Belle on Sunday 2/7/17, crossing Woolston Moor. By the
evening a Manor was taking the up return working.