Update 5th September. By Andy with photos from the late Summer Weekend by Peter Nicholson.

Updates on various projects below. Last weekend we had our Late Summer Weekend which was a success and
some photos with relevant captions appear below.
We still have a couple more running dates in September, please come and support us before the end of the
Diesel Running Season.

Class 52 D1010: Good progress has been made on dismantling work following the transmission issues. This
has temporarily come to a stop because the cooler group now needs to be lifted out - for which the loco needs
to move to No 3 road.

Class 47 D1661: Some cleaning and painting is still to be done before the loco goes into the Swindon shed for
a full repaint.

Class 33 D6566: Appeared at the Late Summer Weekend . In regular use with the company.

Class 33 D6575: Also appeared at the Late Summer Weekend has returned to Williton for a bit of TLC.

Class 35 D7017: Was in use during the Late Summer Weekend. It has been a busy year for the Hymek and she
still has two more appearances before the end of the season.

Class 14 D9518: Now in the Swindon shed, receiving attention from the WS Restoration team.

Class 14 D9526: The loco appeared at the Late Summer Weekend

ROF shunter: This loco
is currently at Williton for some work and has now been returned to operating condition,
needs some attention to external corrosion damage, before a repaint.

Some photos below from the Late Summer Weekend thats to Peter Nicholson as follows (Sat 1st Sept):-

  • D7017 arriving MD with 13.00 from BL

  • D7017 on turntable following arrival with 13.00 ex-BL

  • D9526 arriving at CH with 14.55 ex- MD

  • D7017 arriving at CH with 15.50 ex-MD

  • D9526 ready to depart from CH with 17.10 to MD (16.50 ex-BL